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    My favorite new toy

    Okay, so maybe it’s not that new, but I hadn’t blogged in a while and never mentioned what I got for Christmas! I got Buddy Valastro (aka the Cake Boss)’s cook book for Christmas! So very exciting! So far I’ve made tea biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla cake on a couple of different occasions (once I made them as cupcakes). I’ve also used his recipes for buttercream and cream cheese frosting. His recipes are so delicious! And it’s taught me a lot of things about baking too. For example:

    It’s really important to know the temperature of your batter for a cake before you put it in the oven. If it’s less than 70 degrees F or more than 74, it’ll crown, meaning that the middle part will rise up kinda funny and will have a weird color and just all around it doesn’t look good. I’ve made this mistake. It also doesn’t do anything for the taste or texture. If you don’t have a thermometer like me, just stick your finger in and make an educated guess. If it feels cool, it’s too cool. Let it get to about a room temperature feeling.


    Cake flour makes all the difference in the world! Being a college student, I’m usually way too cheap to splurge on luxury items such as cake flour, but for the first time I did it and it made such a difference! It tasted so much better than the other times I had made it and it looked better too! Cake flour even smells better than regular flour. I highly recommend using it!

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    Cake Boss

    Look at this cake. It’s absolutely gorgeous. This is just one of the many cakes that Buddy Valastro has made in his bakery on the show Cake Boss. I have seen the most amazing cakes come out of that bakery. I wish that I had that kind of skill with decorating and making cakes. So of course, while I’m watching this show, I’m looking up cake decorating classes. I found a class series near me for about forty dollars that covers a whole bunch of different aspects of cake decoration. I would love to gain these cake decorating skills and then just come back to school and be like BAM! I can decorate cakes! When I go home in March, I’m totally going to play with cakes and decorating them.

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