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    Summer’s over…

    So summer is pretty much over for me. I go back to school on Sunday. Here’s how I ended up doing with my list:

    1. GET A JOB!!!!!

    2. Do my New York City Ballet Workout at least three times a week.

    3. Learn how to make healthy food on a budget.

    4. Try something new.

    5. Finish a book.

    Well you already know about my job at the hardware store. That went really well. I really liked it there, and I plan to go back over Christmas break.

    Dance workout - #fail. I really need to do it at least once before I go, because I need to mad stretch out before starting dance. I’m not where I need to be.

    Healthy food - I bought a cookbook that’s for college students, and I really like it. It has a variety of great recipes for all of my needs, and accommodates for how my needs may change. It also does a lot with leftovers and how those can be used.

    Try something new - I did that a lot at the hardware store. I built two grills and a fire pit all by myself, I learned how to shake paint, there were just a lot of exciting new experiences for me.

    Finish a book - I’m counting the cookbook. I know that’s lame. But it’ll make me feel better about myself. So hush.

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